Vaccine Mandate Opposition

We passed HB220 with unanimous Republican support in the House and the Governor signed it into law July 23, 2021 and it is effective immediately.

It states “no person may be compelled to receive an immunization for COVID-19 in order to secure, receive, or access any public facility, any public benefit, or any public service from the state of New Hampshire, or any political subdivision thereof …”.

While there are exceptions and it only applies to the State and political subdivisions, it is a start.

Vaccine Mandates and Health Care Workers

Health care workers with questions about vaccine mandates in their field might contact New Hampshire State Representative Leah Cushman or contact New Hampshire Healthcare Workers for Freedom.

VAERS Database Reports for New Hampshire

The National Vaccine Information Center publishes the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. The New Hampshire deaths reported after a Covid19 vaccination are listed here.

Online Portal to Access Vaccination Record

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has an online portal for accessing one’s vaccination record.